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Cloud Implementation

Fine Systems has hosted eCareInfo solution to the Microsoft Azure cloud.  The cloud system ensures that the downtime is minimal since the servers hosting our cloud application are maintained by Microsoft which guarantees 99.9% uptime of the servers. The maintenance cost on the customer using this cloud option is minimal as compared to maintaining their own servers.

The work required to host any client to the Azure environment is minimal as compared to the setting up of new servers and maintenance of the same. The time also to resolve issues is greatly minimize and support also is very much enhanced since our support staff can monitor any issues arising from the system from anywhere.

Benefits of a cloud system

Electronic Medical Records customized for your profession and practice, retrieve a patient’s record by a click, update systematically with easy to use dropdowns and check-boxes and generate a medical record on the fly.

It all starts with delivering better financial performance for your practice. From easy-to-use software to live support, ECareInfo Cloud brings a relentless commitment to making you successful. We help you optimize your collections and the process for managing it – so you can focus on patients.

You don’t need to buy expensive servers and server software that are required for systems that demand minimum risk of failure. Maintenance: Forget about Server and network maintenance costs and system down time.

Your data is backed-up on an hourly basis to our banking grade cloud servers with high security and reliability offered to mission critical applications.

You can login to your ECareInfo cloud anywhere you have access to the internet. We make absolutely sure that your connection has the highest level of security, so you can access your account from home, from the office—even while traveling.

Our cloud-based network delivers robust reporting, tracking, and benchmarking of your financial performance. You’ll know where you’re doing well, and where you can improve. And our account management team coaches you to peak performance. On average, our clients see 20% increase in their collections.


To test our cloud offering of the software visit:

Username: admin@clinic
Password: admin


Onsite Implementation

This implementation will involve setting up one server where all the other clinics can access from using a Virtual Private Network. In this implementation, we eliminate the need of every clinic having its own server.  Every clinic will need to be within this VPN so as to access the system.

The system will be installed on this server and any maintenance to be done will be on this single server. This will reduce the maintenance costs that would be associated with every clinic having its own server. The system will be installed in the Headquarters server and the clinics accessing the system using Internet or a private VPN network.

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