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Founded in 2012, Fine Systems was a natural response to the growing ERP challenges facing medium to large businesses in the East African region. Having first hand perspective of the concerns associated with off-the-shelf and off-shore developed and supported systems, and the apparent lack of adequate local solutions, it was obvious that the need was great and someone had to do something.


Fine Systems has hosted their Systems with Microsoft Azure cloud, a Central Server with VPN or using Server System depending with our client’s needs. Our solutions are multi-tier and can be deployed either on one or multiple servers. At the core is Microsoft SQL server that’s proven to deliver excellent levels of speed, security and capacity. We use of web services that ensure that the system can be integrated with any system running on windows or Linux platform.


We work with a broad range of IT experts on need basis to provide solutions to our clients. The experts have implemented our systems locally and across other countries and have the requisite capacity to handle our client’s needs.

Our Process

- Scope business needs
- Design a customized solution Implement
- Ensure value for money on client investments
- Demand exploitation on Slution (On-going quality assurance)
We are an Integrated Business Management Systems Provider
  1. Scope business needs.
  2. Design a customized solution
  3. Implement
  4. Ensure value for money on client investment
  5. Demand full exploitation on our solution (On Going quality assurance team)

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Addressing your Particular IT needs and Business Requirements

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